Ithara Group

Ithara Group, a German company is your specialist if you are looking for extremely high quality playground equipment and rubber flooring in the UAE. We will be there to design, plan and execute your project to your fullest satisfaction. We will help you realize the perfect safe playground area, safety flooring or outdoor gym equipment. Ithara Group uses only certified safe, extremely high quality outdoor products that can withstand UAE climate. Our rubber surfaces make it safe for young kids to tumble and play, offering excellent support and cushioning for any kind of physical activity.



Founded in 1987 in Abu Dhabi, DESCO has now expanded to 37 print centres, manned by 200 proficient staff in the UAE and Canada, and are on course to double our reach in the next few years so that DESCO can make it even easier for you to find a “Desco Print Centre” near you. With our glorious track record in the print business and unmatched service standards we have been trusted by the most iconic projects in UAE of our times, including Dubai Metro, Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah and hundreds of other leading projects and retail customers in the UAE and beyond.

So the next time you think about digital printing, offset printing or copying, look no further than Desco Print Centre for a totally satisfying experience that will keep you coming back to DESCO.


Khaleej Times

Khaleej Times has been the trusted source to report and present content in the most insightful, powerful and engaging way possible. For over 39 years readers have relied on us to provide clarity and context in a complicated, confusing world.

Khaleej Times offers readers the perspective they need, as we believe that knowledge, information and insight are the keys to engaging the audience. This translates into an extraordinarily powerful relationship with our readers. Be it print, digital or social we fulfill this promise with unparalleled news, comment and opinion delivered by award-winning journalists.

Khaleej Times has an average issue readership of 1.03 million and reaches to over 4.5 million unique browsers every month through We strive to find new and innovative ways to connect with our audience.

Our readership is loyal, influential and upwardly mobile. Reader relationship has always been important us and has been nurtured with the popular newspaper subscription schemes. Now with audience mapping, surveys and chatbots powered by AI, data points are being collected to help us to build an accurate profile of our readers.

It is only by truly understanding our readers can we build closer, longer term relationship with them.



Pelikan is a globally renowned writing instruments manufacturing company incepted in 1838 in Germany. The brand with its vast range of high-quality products in categories – fine writing instruments, stationery supplies, art and hobby paints, aim to inspire creativity & imagination among people, encouraging them to express better.

What began as an ink and paint factory by Carl Hornemann in Hannover, Germany, witnessed a change of ownership in 1871 when the other founding father of Pelikan, Gunther Wagner came onboard and registered his family crescent, the Pelican, as a trademark for the company. Since then, Pelikan grew into a success story, with good management and vast expansions, enlarged factories and pioneering products. The Pelikan logo is now one of the oldest registered trademarks in Germany.

Today, Pelikan Group under the helm of Pelikan International Corporation Berhad (“Pelikan International”) manufactures & distributes Pelikan products to over 160 countries and runs 8 manufacturing facilities worldwide. The company is helmed by Mr. Loo Hooi Keat as its Chief Executive Officer, President, and Executive Director and manages four brands under its umbrella, namely – Pelikan, Herlitz, Geha and Susy Cards.


Middle East Business Magazine

Middle East Business News and Magazine is part of Ougarit Group for Marketing. Middle East Business provides quality information about business dynamics and pertinent economic and socio-economic issues, highlights investment prospects, analyzes business trends and connects private sector players within the Middle East region, and between this important region and other countries around the globe. The magazine also sheds light on gender issues related to business as well as on creative approaches by policy-makers to resolve business-related dilemmas. Middle East Business is an important economic media communication vehicle for promoting private sector-led growth in the Middle East region.

Middle East Business is powered by a mobile application, website and through social media. We solidified all of this with an audiovisual channel on YouTube. We are strengthened by a network of correspondents across many countries.

Edarabia is the Middle East’s largest education site; enabling students, parents and teachers to compare and select the right institutions. The site was launched in 2005 (formerly as and has become a trusted source in the field of education. Visitors to the site can follow the latest industry news, upcoming events, job listings, research updates, compare college ratings and add reviews. covers all levels of education including but not limited to universities, colleges, schools, nurseries, language institutes, training academies, music schools, online universities and much more.

Crowd Reviews

Crowd Reviews is a transparent online platform for determining which products and services are the best based on the opinion of the crowd. The crowd consists of Internet users which have experienced products and services first-hand and have an interest in letting other potential buyers their thoughts on their experience.

Kids World Nurseries

Kids World, a network of Montessori inspired community nurseries in the UAE, is working to mold socially responsible citizens for the world of tomorrow. A family run institution, Kids World was founded in 2004 with the mission to ensure every child and community in the UAE has access to holistic early education, with the vision to take this dream regional and then global.
Following five basic principles we promise to empower children and their families with resilience, strength and empathy to build a safe, empathetic and happy world for the future generations: (1) Providing a Montessori inspired, progressive and research informed early education curriculum (2) Community Design (3) Dedicated and Passionate educators (4) Future Learning (5) Empathy.


Brainfeed, a monthly educational initiative, has been catering to the educational needs of K-12 educators and students since April 2013. Brainfeed deals with academic issues arising out of classroom pedagogical practices, innovative technology-based teaching and latest developments in the present educational scenario.